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Review-ULTA Extreme Wear: Cream to Powder eye color

ULTA Extreme Wear: Cream to Powder eye colour- The name says it all!

About the Company:
Ulta was founded in 1990 as a discount beauty retailer at a time when prestige, mass and salon products were sold through distinct channels—department stores for prestige products, drug stores and mass merchandisers for mass products, and salons and authorized retail outlets for professional hair care products. After extensive research, Ulta recognized an opportunity to better satisfy how a woman wanted to shop for beauty products, which led to what they believe to be their unique combination of beauty superstore and speciality store attributes. They believe their strategy provides them with the competitive advantages that has contributed to their strong financial performance.
Today, ULTA is the largest beauty retailer that provides one-stop shopping for prestige, mass and salon products and salon services in the United States. They focus on providing affordable indulgence to their customers by combining the product breadth, value and convenience of a beauty superstore with the distinctive environment and experience of a speciality retailer.

What the brand claims:
ULTA Cream Eye Shadow and Eye Liner offers the benefit of two products in one small portable package. The creamy formula goes on smoothly and evenly, while the sponge applicator makes it easy to shade the entire lid as a shadow or create a fine line as a liner.

My experience:

I got this in shade 15 i.e: 'Champagne'. It comes in a thin tall container widening at both ends. It comes with a slanted puffy long wand which unfortunately picks up very little shadow from the container making applying it difficult as you have to overlay it several times which I personally don't like. It hasn't been long since I have had this product and it seems like drying and cracking inside the container even though its a cream based formula. But as much of what I manage to get out to use, it gives a really nice shimmery goldish shade and indeed is very very long lasting but you need to be really quick while applying it as at times it even dries on the wand. Oh and it claims to be used as a liner as well, which I totally failed at. 

Honestly i'll say please!!! don't buy this product and waste your money. There are much better cream to powder shadows available. I even had thoughts to throw it away at times. I used to go 'gaga' over ULTA products but after trying this out all it's charm vanished as it was a total disappointment! Only if they decide to improve it's formulation and packaging it might earn some votes. It retails at about $8 and can be found on ULTA website. If you already own something like this try to make the most out of it, as I also use mine at times.

Good colours
Long lasting
Smooth look
Easy removal

Clumpsy application

My Rating: 2/5

Do you own any of Ulta's products?


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