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Brand Intro- Airbrush Makeup

About Flawless Airbrush makeup

Our Water-based Airbrush foundation dries to a natural finish an appearance of healthy natural skin. Because Digital Media can expose more detail in makeup, an overly matte foundation can look very dry and reveal skin textures including fine lines and wrinkles. Similarly, an overly dewy finish can appear greasy or oily in Hi-Def. Airbrush makeup sets moments after being applied in thin layers, requiring no setting powder for most skin types, however you may use a light brush of lose powder or Mineral Powders if desired. Airbrush makeup can be applied lightly at a low PSI for a sheer finish; it is lightweight & breathable. Also each Airbrush System is different by the PSI and needle size of your Airbrush Gun needle you may have to thin Makeup for different systems use only Purified water. Do shake the bottles, pigments settle, check bottom of bottles to make sure all pigments are mixed well

  •  Paraben Free
  •  Age defying, lightweight and oil-free protects skin from environmental stress
  •  For oily and/or problem skin
  •  Great for post laser, rosacea, sensitive skin, photo finish, hot & humid climates
  •  Non-comedogenic, talc and fragrance free
  •  Dries to powder finish
  •  Mineral based, infused with botanicals
  •  SPF 6-8
  •  Milk Thistle extract helps maintain elastic fibers
  •  Kaolin (French clay) absorbs oil
  •  Contains antioxidants: Gingko Biloba, Lady’s Mantle, Horsetail & Milk Thistle 

Mineral Makeup basic ingredients
  • Calendula extract: Commonly known as marigolds; it has been shown to have antibacterial properties.
  • Calendula: An emollient believed to have healing, soothing and antiseptic properties. Used to treat dry skin.
  • Calendula flowers oil extract - tonic, soothing, restorative oil, good for any type of skin, but especially suitable for dry skin. Calendula, or Marigold oil is traditional Mediterranean skin care used to help preserve skin freshness, protect skin from overdrying, sun-induced wrinkles and sun caused aging during summer time. When used regularly the oil imparts deep olive shine to the skin, helps protect skin from age related thinning and drying out. Anti-aging properties of Calendula oil, known already to to ancient Egyptians, may be related to the high content and diversity of carotenes, phytosterols, polyphenols, EFAs.
  • Chamomile: An herb that has been shown to have anti-irritant and soothing properties.
  • Roman Chamomile: The oil enhances overall feelings of calm and relaxation. Used for centuries to smooth the skin, Roman Chamomile is one essential oil you will want to include among your favorites.
  • German Chamomile: The flowers are sometimes added to cosmetics as an anti-allergenic agent
  • Jojoba oil: An emollient oil similar to all nonvolatile plant oils.
  • Jojoba: A tonic, emollient and moisturizer. Treats dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • wheat germ oil. An emollient plant oil similar to all nonvolatile plant oils.
  • Wheat Germ Oil: Promotes renewal of normal new skin cells. Used in cosmetics because of its large vitamin E content.
  • Linden Extract
  • From the flowers of the Linden tree. The flowers contain essential oils which are celebrated for their brightening and soothing qualities.
  • Cornflower
  • Known for its ability to soften skin, leaving it more supple. A natural antiseptic.
  • Kaolin: A natural claylike mineral (silicate of aluminum) that is used in cosmetics for its absorbent properties.
  • Saint John's wort oil extract. Cold pressed extract of Saint John's wort obtained with Almond oil. Contain hypericin like compounds, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, monoterpens, phytosterols, EFAs and other nutrients. Traditionally used as a skin nourishment and to promote recovery of skin and mucous injuries. Helps combat bacterial infections, reverse inflammation, reduce skin itching and irritability. More recent evidences suggest that St. John's wort ingredients be helpful as antiviral agents. Warning: Do not wear Saint John's wort oil under direct sunlight. It may induce skin hypersensitivity to sunlight. Some manuals on herbal medicines suggest to inactivate photosensitive components of Saint John's wort oil by exposing the oil to direct sun light for two - three weeks in white glass bottle. Saint John's wort oil from Floraleads GR is not sun treated.

Dinair's foundation formula is water resistant, silicone free, paraben free, and not tested on animals. A small amount of Dinair's specially formulated makeup is sprayed into super-fine mist onto the face, giving the coverage you desire( from sheer to opaque).The result is a flawless, lightweight, natural, and undetectable coverage that will last all day with no need for touch ups! Now you too can get the look of the stars!

QUICKERMost people can apply with foundation in just 2 or 3 tries, or 2-3 days of practice if they don't follow the DVD Getting comfortable with the foundation will open the way to beautiful blush, eyes shadows, and much more.

LONGER LASTINGDinair air applied makeup is a specially formulated to feel light, be water and rub resistant and last all day. For best results apply to fresh clean skin, free of oils and other moisturizers. Allow the sun block to set before applying Dinair. We also have skin care and moisturizers that help our makeup last longer.

MIX CUSTOM COLORSBlend colors easily in the airbrush makeup cup, a few drops at a time, to match your favorite shades. With over 100 shades to choose from, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating custom colors! You can mix foundation shades to match any skin tone, find your perfect lip color, or even create your own custom eye shadow color!

Add a few drops of each color into the airbrush cup and air mix the colors. Just stop the airflow with a tissue and at the same time gently pull back on the lever to "air mix" the colors. Watch the marbling effect as the 2 colors blend to become an entirely new shade.


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