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Brand Intro- Rouge Bunny Rouge

Today I bring to you products from one of the most appealing Brand with Victorian styled packaging and luxurious range of cosmetics called Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Welcome to The Whimsy of Rouge Bunny Rouge

"We bring you magic - Background and philosophy

Rouge Bunny Rouge was born of the desire to bring opulence and beauty to those who yearn for the uncommon and the exquisite. Using a mix of verbal and visual sensuality, inspired by Victoriana and Tsarism, our brand has found a unique and vivacious identity through the lost art of rich storytelling.

At the heart of RBR lies a fairy tale of enchantment, exotic majesty and fantastical characters to enthral the senses and engage the imagination. Rouge Bunny Rouge takes you to a fantasy realm of playful sophistication with intriguing hints of danger; it whispers of romanticism and seduction, alluding to a more vibrant, magical way of living.

London-born and Moscow-London based Rouge Bunny Rouge is quickly moving from quirky cult secret to a global beauty brand with international acclaim. RBR combines the best from the worlds of cosmetics and design, while treasuring Victorian-style fairy tale and Tsarist aristocratic identity at its core.

Four founders, Sven Lorenz, Ginny Gulati, Raf De Schutter and Alexandra De Montfort launched RBR in Russia in 2006 and haven’t looked back since. Alexandra De Montfort, our Creative Director, continues to endeavour to bring you the latest and best from the world of cosmetics.

A stir of the senses - The packaging

Like the purveyors of curiosities from days long gone, every item is intended to unfold like the opening of a box of memories; each detail reveals a pageant of small delights.

From the sleek feel of the carefully selected compacts, to the intoxicating scent of our fragrances, each product contains the enjoyment of a gift every time it is revisited.

There is no need for gift-wrapping Rouge Bunny Rouge - the Victorian-style, Fairy-tale packaging delivers a dark, timeless elegance.

Modern heirlooms – The products

In an era when most brands are concerned with following the trend, we provide something quite different; a thoughtfully balanced palette of colours, for true seekers of beauty, who choose beauty over brand name or fad.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge collection is the result of science and sensuality raising the bar through technology, remarkable formulations and the best of the imagination.

RBR products are modern heirlooms born of a desire to reawaken long-forgotten sensations. We are one of the first decorative cosmetics companies that are substantially blurring the line between make-up and skin care through technological advancement. The association of materials from different origins and the fusion of tradition and innovation are part of our philosophy and values. Wearable, blendable and adaptable formulas and shades are at the very heart of Rouge Bunny Rouge, highlighting every woman's natural beauty. That is the reason why our textures have been painstakingly chosen from the world’s most sophisticated laboratories.


Highlighting Liquid, one of the examples from RBR collection, is any woman’s must-have secret to looking effortlessly radiant. This dream-in-a-bottle transforms any skin tone or colour, with four scintillating shades.

Finest reflective particles illuminate your eyes, brows, shoulders or décolleté. This multipurpose water-based fluid can be used in many ways: blend with moisturiser for a dewy look, or with foundation for a light-reflecting radiance or on its own to accentuate.

Quartz Eye Liner is already a firm favourite with London’s makeup cognoscenti. It is liquid eyeliner that imparts a crystalline beauty and incredible, almost holographic shine with Borosilicates. Fiendishly simple to use, it dries quickly and is longwearing. Use it alone for eye-catching brilliance or over the pencil of any colour or as an eye shadow to turn everyone’s head.

Our cosmetics are easily blended with your fingers, making application effortless.

We believe application should heighten the senses and engage a feeling of seduction; lipsticks should taste good and smell divine whether you’re kissing or just licking your lips."

I'm pretty sure this brand is worth a try and all the products will be as tempting as they seem. Their products can be purchased online from

Have you tried it yet??


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