Monday, 14 November 2011

Review-CoverGirl WetSlicks AmazeMint Lipgloss

Okay lovelies!! Here comes my very first post. I am a person with extremely dry skin and pretty dry lips as well so one thing i cannot live without is a lip gloss. As mentioned in the title; today i will be reviewing CoverGirl WetSlicks AmazeMint gloss.

About the company:
COVERGIRL is an American cosmetics brand founded in 1960 in Maryland, by the Noxzema Chemical Company (later called Noxell) and acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1989. The Noxell Company advertised this cosmetics line by allowing "cover girls", fashion models who appear on the front cover of women's magazines, to wear its products. COVERGIRL makes up for lack of direct individual customer service by providing a wide variety of cosmetics available at reasonable prices.

What the brand claims:
CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazemint is more than a lipgloss, it’s a smile treatment! Crest Peppermint Oil provides a minty breath sensation while the gloss itself gives a dazzling high-shine without all that “sticky”. Available in 13 different shades.

My experience:
I got this gloss in 2 shades:

Tickled Pink-610

Freedom of Peach-640

This soft creamy textured gloss has a vital ingredient of mint in it making it kinky when first applied. It makes my lips really cold and then settles down in a while. It has a yummy fruity smell which I love about it. The colours really pay off well. It does not have a very long staying-on power but stays for about 2-3 hours. it has vitamin-e making the lips very soft and smooth. 

It has a medium sized wand but a very smooth one allowing equal application and it does not pick up excess gloss from the container. The container is hard plastic with a melamine top on the wand. Another thing to love about this gloss is that it fills and covers up all your lines on the lips very nicely hiding them all giving a smooth glossy finish. When swatched they appear as:
left(freedom of peach) right(tickled pink)
Overall, I love this gloss despite its flaws, it has been my all time favourite. I definitely recommend you all to try it out if you are fond of minty glosses. Cover Girl WetSlicks are also available in original glosses with about 9 shimmery shades without the mint. This gloss retails at $5 and can be bought on-line from cover girl's website that forwards you to a proper on-line shop of your choice or can be found in local drug stores as well carrying Cover Girl cosmetics.

yummy taste
nice smell
colours are true

container looks cheap
very thin texture

My rating: 3.5/5

Do you own one of these? What are your thoughts?


Cheeky Chic said...

Just started following you.Always adore cover girl product.. these seems pretty cool.esp the peachy one.

Mystical Glam said...

Thank you so much Cheeky Chic, they are truly wonderful! :)

justsoyouknow said...

I love the "freedom of peach". How is the staying power of this gloss?

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