Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Beauty News-Coke gets a makeover!

If there’s a company that knows how to get our attention, it’s Coca Cola. Whether they’re promoting a soccer world cup, selling bottles designed by Karl Lagerfeld, or teaming up with the James Bond producers to create limited edition ‘Quantum of Solace’ Cokes, they seem to get it right every time.

Their latest project? Diet Coke has teamed up with cosmetic brand Benefit and released a collection of three uber cool ‘Get Glam’ cans in the UK. Each can is inspired by the brand’s three top lip products- Benetint (red rose-tinted lip stain), Posietint (poppy pink lip stain) and Cha Cha tint (mango lip stain). The beautifully designed cans feature a stylish black and white design with a pop of colour in a perfectly shaped pout. As if the can alone wasn’t good enough, there’s a £5 voucher to be redeemed at Benefit’s online store for every can purchased!

The cans are expected to be on sale until March, but unfortunately they’re sold exclusively in the UK and won’t be making it to our shores.

Want to check out the lips stains that inspired these designs? Benefit is sold exclusively at selected Woolworths stores throughout South Africa.

[Image and story via Marie Claire UK]


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